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There is a need to follow the club rules and behave as well as possible.

  1. A client can be at the club zone, only if he/she was using club’s services.
  2. At first should be reported to the club reception desk.
  3. There is variable shoes zone in the club.
  4. It is not allowed to be drunk or after taking any drugs. It is also not allowed to drink any alcohol at the club zone.
  5. There may be only 15 people at the pool zone (pool + sauna + jacuzzi).
  6. Personal belongings need to be left in lockers. Key of locker can be taken only if you paid repayable deposit (10PLN). When the locker’s key is lost, a repayable deposit would not be given.
  7. Club’s staff is not responsible of client’s personal belongings.
  8. It is not allowed to be naked at the pool zone, including sauna. There is obligation to wear swimming suits or sport wear at the gym.
  9. There is obligation to have a personal towel.
  10. All of the equipment at the gym can be used only in according to its purpose.
  11. The training place needs to be cleaned up after finishing exercising.
  12. When the club rules are not kept, the club’s guest would have to leave. 
  13. The customer is responsible for any damages caused by himself.
  14. The pool zone cannot be used by under 3 years child. 


Amadeus: CH KTWQUA

Sabre: IH 66774


Galileo: CH 89735

Worldspan: IH KTWQA

Pegasus: IH 39116


Amadeus: CH KTWESH

Sabre: IH 215382


Galileo: CH A5436

Worldspan: IH KTWES

Pegasus: IH 43356

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